2024. vol. 46. no. 1

Message from the Editorial Board 7
Pachev U. M., Kodzokov A. Kh., Ezaova A. G., Tokbaeva A. A., Guchaeva Z. Kh. On one way to solve linear equations over a Euclidean ring 9
\footnotesize \fbox{\bf Fedorov B.P.}, Bogdanova S. B., Gladkov S. O. On the new problems in stereometry22
Makarov D. V. The classical mathematical model of S.V. Dubovsky and some of its modifications for describing K-waves 52
Otenova A. Zh., Parovik R. I. Mathematical model of a fractional nonlinear Mathieu oscillator 70
Sheremetyeva O. V., Shevtsov B. M. Application of the hereditarian criticality model to the study of the characteristics of the seismic process of the Kuril-Kamchatka Island arc subduction zone 89
Tverdyi D. A., Parovik R. I. Application of high-performance computing to solve the Cauchy problem with the fractional Riccati equation using an nonlocal implicit finite-difference scheme 102
Hayotov A. R., Doniyorov N. N. Construction of basis functions for finite element methods in a Hilbert space 117
Zakupin A. S., Dudchenko I.P., Bogomolov L. M., Gulyakov S. A., Kazakov A. I., Stovbun N. S.
Short temporal variations of electrotelluric field in the vicinity of the earthquake source-site in the Sakhalin island
Marichev V. N., Yushkov V. A., Balugin N. V., Bochkovsky D. A. Results of an experiment on joint lidar and balloon sounding of the troposphere and stratosphere 165