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2021. vol. 37. no. 4

Message from the Editorial Board9
Attaev A. Kh. Cauchy problem for a substantially loaded hyperbolic equation10
Kilichov O. Sh. On a nonlocal boundary value problem for the equation fourth-order in partial derivatives16
Losanova F. M. Inner boundary value problem with an integral condition for fractional diffusion equation24
Mazhgikhova M. G. Steklov problem of the first class for a fractional order delay differential equation30
Makaova R. Kh. Boundary value problem with a displacement for a hyperbolic equation of third order with a derivative under boundary conditions 38
Yuldasheva A.V. Initial data problem for an equation related to a peridynamic model in a two-dimensional domain45
Gapeev M. I., Marapulets Yu.V. Modeling of relative shear deformation zones before strong earthquakes in Kamchatka from 2018-202153
Velmisov P. A., Ankilov A.V., Ankilov G. A. Investigation of dynamics of elastic element of vibration device67
Kumykov T. S. Fractal structure effect on electric field within thunderclouds84
Sheremetyeva O.V. Modes of magnetic field generation in the low-mode αΩ-dynamo92
Abazokov M. B., Kudaev V. Ch. Bush optimization method for high ranked stream networks104
Kozyr P. S., Iakovlev R. N. A model for estimating the value of the applied pressure based on the analysis of tactile sensor signals using machine learning methods119
Kuznetsov V.V. Features of the next reversal of the geomagnetic field131
Chekanov V. S., Kandaurova N.V., Vinokursky D.V. Wave instability of a magnetic fluid surface at the boundary
with water in an electric field
Bogdanov V.V., Pavlov A.V. Identification of ionospheric earthquake precursors in Kamchatka region based on correlation analysis150
Didenko K. A., Ermakova T. S., Pogoreltsev A. I., Rakushina E.V. Climatic variability of the stratosphere-troposphere
coupling during
Nikolaev A.V., Dolgachyova S. A., Chernyaeva S. A. On the accuracy of aurora visible boundaries in the OVATION
Prime (PC) model
Sidorov Z. I., Parovik R. I., Vukolov A.V., Yakovleva V. S. Investigation of gamma background in parks and recreation
areas of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Pustovalov K. N., Gorbatenko V.P., Nagorskiy P. M., Nechepurenko O. E. The spatial and temporal variability of convective instability in the south of Western Siberia according to ERA5 reanalysis data203
Fedorov B.P. , Bogdanova S. B., Gladkov S. O. On some unknown results related to the nontrivial properties of ordinary triangles216
VI International Scientific Conference «Nonlocal boundary value problems and related problems of mathematical biology, computer science and physics» (B&NAK 2021)235
About the authors238