1. All documents related to the submission of a manuscript for publication and other documents arising in the course of its consideration are electronic.
  2. The journal reviews all materials submitted to the editorial office, corresponding to its subject matter, with the aim of their expert assessment. All reviewers are recognized experts on the subject of the peer-reviewed materials and have, over the past 3 years, publications on the subject of the peer-reviewed article.
  3. An article submitted for publication undergoes a preliminary check for compliance with the scientific profile of the journal, the originality of the text and the design requirements. Submissions that do not meet these conditions will be rejected with reasons for refusal.
  4. Articles that meet these conditions are sent for two-way “blind” peer review by external reviewers or members of the editorial board of the journal who have the closest scientific specialization to the topic of the article. The reviewer cannot be the author or co-authors of the reviewed article, as well as employees of the departments of the organizations in which they work.
  5. The nominated reviewer must disclose any conflicts of interest that might influence his opinion on the article; he can and should refuse to review a particular article if he considers it justified from the point of view of scientific ethics.
  6. The reviewer evaluates the manuscript and makes a recommendation in accordance with the instructions for reviewers. If the reviewer recommends rejecting or accepting the article after revision, then the review should indicate the reasons for this decision in the form of comments.
  7. The editorial office of the publication sends copies of reviews or a reasoned refusal to the authors of the submitted materials, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia upon receipt of the corresponding request to the editorial office of the publication.
  8. The review is carried out confidentially. Comments on the article are sent by e-mail to its author without specifying the personal data of the reviewer.
  9. The maximum term for reviewing an article is 3 months.
  10. Articles, revised taking into account the comments of the reviewers, are submitted to the editor-in-chief, who makes the final decision on its publication.
  11. The reviews are kept in the editorial office for 5 years.