General requirements

1. Manuscripts of materials for publication are prepared in the LaTeX package format for this you can use the Overleaf system. An example of design and a style file can be viewed and downloaded here. File encoding is utf8. It should be noted that the title of the article must begin with the surname of the first author in the Latin alphabet, for example, Ivanov.tex, Ivanov.pdf.

2. The structure of the article should include:  the title of the article, the full name of the authors, the name of the institution where the work was done, abstract (summary), keywords, as well as the indexes of the article MSC or PACS, information on the financial support of the article (optional). ORCID must be specified – a prerequisite for publication. This is followed by the substantive part of the work, at the end of which there is a conclusion, information on the disclosure of a conflict of interest, gratitude (optional) and a list of references.

3. Tables should contain only the necessary data and represent generalized and statistically processed materials. Each table is provided with a heading and inserted in the text after the paragraph with the first link to it. Tables are numbered if their number is more than one.

4. Each drawing must have a caption that explains all of its elements. Figures are provided in separate files in the formats: png, eps. Figures must be named by the surname of the first author, for example, Ivanov1.eps. Figures are numbered if their number is more than one.

5. Bibliographic references in the text of the article should be given using the tex-command \cite{link} in accordance with their mention in the text. The bibliographic list is compiled in the course of mentioning the literature in the text. The authors compile a bibliographic list based on their own ideas about the need for appropriate links, but it is not recommended to include unpublished materials, links to electronic resources and abstracts.

6. After the list of references, it is necessary to indicate information about the authors: full name, academic degrees and titles, place of work and position, ORCID and a high quality photo of each author.