2023. vol. 44. no. 3

Message from the Editorial Board7
Attaev A. Kh. The Cauchay problem for a loaded partial differential equation of the first order 9
Makaova R. Kh. On a mixed problem for a third order degenerating hyperbolic equation 19
Nakhusheva F. M., Kerefov M. B., Gekkieva S. Kh., Karmokov M. M. On a class of non-local boundary value problems for the heat equation 30
\fbox{\textbf{Fedorov B. P.}} , Bogdanova S. B., Gladkov S. O. Some miniatures with a cube 39
Eneeva L. M. Nonlocal boundary value problem for an equation with fractional derivatives with different origins 58
Parovik R. I. Implementation of the modified Test 0-1 algorithm for the analysis of chaotic modes of the fractional Duffing oscillator 67
Tverdyi D. A., Makarov E. O., Parovik R. I. Research of stress-strain state of geo-environment by emanation methods, on the example of \alpha\left(t\right) -model of radon transport 86
Tverdyi D. A., Malkin E. I. Computer simulation of the propagation of a plane electromagnetic wave in a waveguide formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere under the condition of inhomogeneous boundary conductivity 104
Esonturdiyev M. N. Algorithms for clarification of the operating modes of channel sections in the management of water resources in channel irrigation systems 121
Gladkov S. O. To the question of an analytical estimate some internal sizes of the Earth130
Shcherbina A. O., Solodchuk A. A. Localization of acoustic emission sources according to the data of a distributed system of combined receivers 144
Glukhov V. E., Makarov E. O., Boldina S. V. Hardware and software complex of the tilt-measuring observations network of deformation processes on the Kamchatka peninsula 157
Pavlova V. Yu., Vodinchar G. M., Nekrasova M. Yu. Some methods of additional processing of GPR data on the example of radargrams obtained in the crater of the Gorely volcano (Kamchatka) 173
Cherneva N. V., Malkin E. I. Letter to editor195
65 years of Professor O. S. Zikirov197
60 years of Professor S. Z. Dzhamalov 199