2022. vol. 40. no. 3

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Attaev A. Kh. On a nonlocal boundary value problem for a model hyperbolic nonlocal equations7
Bogatyreva F. T. On representation of solution of the diffusion equation with Dzhrbashyan-Nersesyan operators16
Gafforov R. A., Muminov K. K. Equivalence of paths in some non-Euclidean geometry28
Mamchuev M. O., Zhabelova T. I. Non-local boundary value problem for a system of ordinary differential equations with Riemann–Liouville derivatives42
Masaeva О. Kh. Solution of the boundary problem for the generalized Laplace equation with a fractional derivative53
Eneeva L. M. Solution of a mixed boundary value problem for an equation with fractional derivatives with different origins64
Bobrovskaya O. P., Gavrilenko T. V., Galkin V. A. Transport flow model based on interaction of particles with action potential72
Gapeev M. I. , Solodchuk A. A., Parovik R. I. Coupled oscillators as a model of high-frequency geoacoustic emission88
Kudaev V. Ch., Buzdov A.K. A complete system of conditions for uncongested traffic of vehicles in front of a traffic light at a symmetrical two-lane intersection101
Losanova F. M. Inverse problem for McKendrick von Foerster equation with Caputo operator111
Tverdyi D. A., Parovik R. I. Fractional differential model of physical processes with saturation and its application to the description of the dynamics of COVID-19119
Sheremetyeva O. V., Shevtsov B. M. Approximation of the waiting times distribution laws for foreshocks based on a fractional model of deformation activity137
Galkin V. A., Gavrilenko T. V., Smorodinov A. D. Approaches to solving systems of linear algebraic equations
using neural networks
Katkova G. A., Makarov E. O., Parovik R. I. Computer program for modeling anomalous variations in radon volumetric activity based on the mechanism of its injection into the groundwater flow165
Kim V. A., Parovik R. I. Implicit finite-difference scheme for a Duffing oscillator with a derivative of variable fractional order of the Riemann-Liouville type179
Lyutikova L. A. Using multivalued logic for qualitative data analysis199
Хайотов А.Р., Хайриев У. Н. Оптимальные квадратурные формулы в пространстве  \, \widetilde{W_2}^{(m,m-1)}  периодических функций211
Mordosova O. V., Koltovskoi I. I. Investigation of internal gravitational waves by an infrared
camera of the entire sky over the territory of Yakutia
Narozhnov V. V. Impact oscillator as a dynamic method for studying the elastic properties of metals and alloys239