2022. vol. 39. no. 2

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Message from the Editorial Board 5
Ashurov R. R., Murzambetova M. B. Boundary value problem for a mixed-type equation with a higher order elliptic operator7
Dekhkonov F. N. On the control problem associated with the heating process in the bounded domain 20
Kilichov O. Sh., Ubaydullaev A. N. On one boundary value problem for the fourth-order equation in partial derivatives 32
Kukushkin M. V. Note on the spectral theorem for unbounded non-selfadjoint operators 42
Fayziev Yu. E. On a control problem for the subdiffusion equation with a fractional derivative in the sense of Caputo62
Kumykov T. S. Modeling the growth of flat snow crystals in clouds with fractal structure80
Perevaryukha A. Yu. Scenario of the invasive process with delayed regulation91
Tsakhoeva A. F., Shigin D. D. Numerical implementation of a mathematical model (SEIRD) based on data from the spread of the fifth wave of COVID-19 in Russia and regions 103
Dimitrichenko D. P. Optimization of the structure of variable-valued logical functions when adding new production rules 119
Kazakov M. A. Clustering algorithm based on feature space partitioning 136
Kazakova E. M. A Concise Overview of Particle Swarm Optimization Methods 150
Serbina L. I. Numerical-analytical method for solving the modified Cauchy problem for the fractional diffusion equation 175
Shhanukov-Lafishev M. H., Lafisheva M. M., Taisaev I. D. Locally one-dimensional schemes for an equation describing coagulation processes in convective clouds with “memory” 184
Fedorov B.P. , Bogdanova S. B., Gladkov S. O. On some unknown results related to the nontrivial properties of ordinary triangles. Part 2 197
Shcherban’ V. L. How to take from Pascal’s triangle an infinite series of power sums from many variables and arithmetic systems compared modulo a prime number 222
50th anniversary of Rekhviashvili S. Sh.237