2023. vol. 42 . no. 1

Message from the Editorial Board7
Bekiev A. B. Solvability of a nonlocal inverse problem for a fourth-order equation 9
Vodahova V. A., Nahusheva F. M., Guchaeva Z. H., Kodzokov A. H. On some boundary value problems with a shift for a mixed type equation 27
Dzarakhokhov A. V. I., Shishkina E. L. The problem for a mixed equation with fractional power of the Bessel operator37
Dzhamalov S. Z., Sipatdinova B. K. On a nonlocal boundary value problem of periodic type for the three-dimensional mixed-type equations of the second kind in an infinite parallelepiped58
Dekhkonov F. N. Control problem concerned with the process of heating a thin plate69
Islomov B. I., Akhmadov I. A. On the adjoint problem in a domain with deviation out from the characteristic for the mixed parabolic-hyperbolic equation with the fractional order operator80
Mazhgikhova M. G. The Cauchy problem for the delay differential equation with Dzhrbashyan – Nersesyan fractional derivative98
Rasulov M. S. Two free boundaries problem for a parabolic equation108
Urinov A. K., Usmonov D. A. Non-local initial-boundary value problem for a degenerate fourthorder equation with a fractional Gerasimov-Caputo derivative123
Khushtova F. G. To the properties of one Fox function140
Shamoyan R., Mihi´c O. On some new results in large area Nevanlinna spaces in the unit disk150
Alimov Kh. T., Dzamikhova F. Kh., Parovik R. I. Fractional mathematical model McSherry164
Vodinchar G. M., Kazakov E. A. Elimination of the integral term in the equations of one hereditary system related to the hydromagnetic dynamo180
Mingazova D. F., Parovik R. I. Some aspects of the qualitative analysis of the high-frequency geoacoustic emission model191
Yuldashev B. E., Khurramova R. I. Algorithms for constructing matrixes of routes of pipeline networks by using the method of graph theory207
Yanbukhtin I. R., Zakirov A. Sh. Experience in the application of non-invasive geophysical methods in solving problems of archeology223