2023. vol. 45. no. 4

Message from the Editorial Board 7
Parovik R. I. Qualitative analysis of Selkov’s fractional dynamical system with variable memory using a modified Test 0-1 algorithm 9
Parovik R.I. Fractional model of geoacoustic emission24
Tverdyi D. A., Parovik R. I. Solution of the inverse problem of identifying the order of the fractional derivative in a mathematical model of the dynamics of solar activitythe at rising phase36
Sheremetyeva O. V. Chaotic modes in the low-mode model \alpha\Omega-dynamo with hereditary \alpha-quenching by the field energy 52
Bogdanov V. V., Pavlov A. V. Disturbances in the F2 layer of the ionosphere preceding the onset of earthquakes with M \geq 6.0 in the Kamchatka region 67
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Pavlov I. A., Padokhin A. M. Reconstruction of regional distributions of electron density in the ionosphere from heterogeneous remote sensing data95
Senkevich Yu. I., Mishchenko M. A. Method for estimation of near-surface sedimentary rock state based on the results of observations of geoacoustic emission dynamic characteristics 109
Sycheva N. A. Seismicity of the Anatolian Plate (Turkey) and Earthquakes of February 6, 2023 122
Sycheva N. A. Studies of focal mechanisms and seismotectonic deformations of the Anatolian plate (Turkiye) 147
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