vak2The list of HAC — list of peer-reviewed scientific publication of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, which shall be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of candidate of science and doctor of science.



Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in HAK.



MathSciNet is your premier service for searching over 75 years of the world’s mathematical literature in the Mathematical Reviews (MR) Database. MathSciNet contains over 3 million items and 2 million direct links to original articles in more than 3,000 journals from over 250 publishers. Over 110,000 new items are added each year with most of them classified according to the Mathematics Subject Classification. Each year, over 80,000 reviews are added, written by experts around the world. Reference lists are collected and matched internally from over 500 journals. Navigation is simple within MathSciNet’s wealth of internal links. The MR Author Database enables searching by verified individuals rather than name strings. For more information about MathSciNet, visit the MathSciNet About page and MathSciNet Tutorials website.

Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in MathSciNet.

zbMathzbMath is a major international reviewing service providing reviews and abstracts for articles in pure and applied mathematics, produced by the Berlin office of FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure GmbH. Editors are the European Mathematical Society (EMS), FIZ Karlsruhe, and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences. zbMATH is distributed by Springer Science+Business Media. It uses the Mathematics Subject Classification codes for organising the reviews by topic.

Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in zbMath.

logomn2The all-Russian mathematical portal Math-Net.Ru — is a modern information system that provides Russian and foreign mathematicians different ways to find information about mathematical life in Russia. On the portal contains 119 journals in physics and mathematics subjects with their impact factor. The system provides information on the Russian mathematicians, database publishing journals of the Department of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as information about mathematical organizations.



Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in MathNet.


The database Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory of American publishing Bowker, is the largest database that describes the world flow of serial (periodic and ongoing) publications (popular and scientific journals) in all subject areas of life. Database contains descriptions of almost 300 thousand serials, of which more than 200 thousand -.. Publication, go now. Actively used by academic institutions to conduct research on the global flow analysis of serial publications, reference and information work and staffing input periodicals and serials.

Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory

elibraryJournal «Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences» is included in RSCI. Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) — bibliographic database of scientific publications of Russian scientists data. To obtain the necessary user data on publications and citations of articles based on RSCI database developed analytical tools ScienceIndex.

Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences  in RSCI.

Directory of Open Access JournalsDirectory of Open Access Journals — Swedish database of open access journals. This project defines open access scientific journals that meet high quality standards, implementing peer review or editorial quality control and «use a funding model that does not charge readers or their institutions for access.» DOAJ The aim is to «increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific journals, thereby contributing to an increase in their impact factor.

Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in DOAJ.  

unnamedGoogle Scholar (Google Academy): Google Academy — Free search engine for full-text scientific publications in all formats and disciplines. This scientometric — base worldwide leader in aggregation of scientific papers, the presence in it of various publications uvedichivvet probability of citation of your article foreign counterparts.

Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in Google Scholar.

cyberleninka-300x78KiberLeninka — Scientific Electronic Library is open access (Open Access), whose main objectives is to promote science and research activities, public control of quality of scientific publications, the development of interdisciplinary research institute of modern scientific review and improvement of Russian science citation. KiberLeninka based on the paradigm of open science (Open Science). The presence of the journal «Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences» in KiberLeninka ten times increase the visibility of your articles and increases the possibility of citation. Included in the top five (5 th) world of digital libraries in the degree of visibility materials

Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in CYBERLENINKA

unnamed (4)Socionet System
– Russia’s first example of participation in the creation of an international online research infrastructure (research e-infrastructure), providing information support to scientific and educational activities primarily in the social sciences, but now — in all scientific disciplines. Socionet — Russian independent development experts, made within the framework of international initiatives RePEc and Open Archives Initiative. Socionet system creates a new platform for the creation of information resources and services, addressed to the professional scientific community.


Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in Socionet System.

unnamed (3)WorldCat — the world’s largest bibliographic database, comprising more than 240 million records of all kinds of works on the 470 languages of the world. Database created jointly by more than 72 thousand. Libraries in 170 countries within the OCLC organization.


Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in WorldCat.

unnamed (5)BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) — a multidisciplinary search engine for scientific resources, created by University of Bielefeld.



Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences  in BASE.

logo-impact-factorInstitute national ideology suggested to carry out a multifaceted account of the Russian impact factor (RIF). The calculation formula includes both classical performance impact factor RSCI, and other attributes of a scientific journal on how long the magazine goes to the citation index of the journal on the Internet. Total RIF base is on portal.


Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in RIF.


DataCite — a leading global nonprofit organization that provides a persistent digital IDs (Dois) for scientific articles. Its purpose is to assist the scientific community in the identification and citation of scientific publications.


Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in DataCite.


DRJI (Journal Indexed in Directory of Research Journals Indexing) — is an international scientometric database, which contains publicly available scientific papers and journals in many areas naunym. It has its impact factor.




Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in DRJI.


VINITI — Russian (formerly Union) Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of Russian Academy of Sciences (former USSR), was also in the office of the Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Industry of the USSR, the Russian Federation. Founded in 1952 as the Institute for Scientific Information. Throughout history, it was one of the largest centers of science in the USSR. Are published abstract journals, databases maintained by scientific publications in the Russian Federation and worldwide.

Bulletin KRASEC. Physical & Mathematical Sciences in VINITI RAS